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Does My Income Qualify?

Overlook Apartments participates in a tax credit program that allows ROSS to provide quality housing at an affordable price! 
Please read over the information below before making the decision to apply: 

Maximum Income Limits* Per Household Size for Tax Credit Program
1 Person $52,920
2 Persons $60,480
3 Persons $68,040
4 Persons $75,600
5 Persons $81,660
6 Persons $87,720
*applicants with a Section 8 voucher are not required to meet the minimum income requirements
Minimum Income Qualifications 
1 Bedroom $32,080
2 Bedroom $38,506
3 Bedroom $44,506

Requirements & Details: 
Identification for all persons residing in the household will be required. This includes birth certificates and proof of physical custody for any persons under the age of 18
Other Income:
 Documentation of all income received from child support, alimony, investments, pensions, savings accounts, etc., must be submitted with application. Anticipated income for all unemployed applicants must also be included.
All sources of income must be disclosed. This includes full and part-time employment, child support, alimony, social security, pensions, retirements, savings interest, dividends, etc.
Student Status:
The household may not be occupied in its entirety by students, regardless of whether the applicants are working full-time. Please ask a leasing consultant for details of the exceptions to this rule.
A verification form must be completed by the employer.
Credit History:
All applicants will have a credit report run with First American Registry. Standard deposits or denials are based on credit. Bankruptcies must be discharged and proof of discharge with a list of included debts must be submitted with application.
Self- Employment:
Tax returns (including Schedule C) for a minimum of the past two years are required. Additional information may be required, such as business statements/projection schedules verified and signed by an independent source. Generally, if the net business income for the past two years has shown an increase, the same percentage of increase will be assumed for the upcoming year.
Application Process:
Please complete the application, providing all the information described above and submit it to the Leasing Office.